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Have you tried a bunch of different reading interventions for your child? Feel like you're spinning your wheels? Most reading and learning programs, including tutoring, work around the underlying delays that cause reading difficulties. They are coping tools, band-aids that make temporary improvements not unlike pumping air into a slow leaking tire.


Fast ForWord® is different. It is a research-based reading intervention software that can help struggling readers from elementary to high school, pay attention longer, process information faster, and comprehend what they're reading. In other words, it can make a fast and permanent change to your child's foundational processing, attention and working memory skills. Fast ForWord can give your child a second chance to become an expert learner and reader from home.


Who does it help?
Fast ForWord has been proven by extensive research to help children with auditory processing disorder (APD), reading difficulties, dyslexia, autism, attention deficits (ADD &ADHD), language difficulties or delays, and learning disabilities.

Why Use Fast ForWord?


1. Address the root causes of reading issues, instead of working around them.


2. Fast change, enduring results.
See change and improvement in as little as 2 months.


3. Make permanent changes to the brain. Improvements continue long after your child completes the program.

What Makes Us Unique?

When you purchase Fast ForWord Home’s targeted reading intervention program, you get your own support system for your child with it. You will have your own personal consultant, who will walk you through the strategies and activities each step of the way. Put our educational experience to work for you - our consultants have a combined total of over 40 years of experience with thousands of families! You will have weekly meetings, usually alternating with a phone call one week and an email the next week. We are flexible and can work around your schedule, so let us know what works for you. Your consultant will provide you with reading intervention techniques to keep your child motivated, weekly progress monitoring and reports.  She will be a mentor who will share in your child's struggles and celebrate their successes with you. 


Our education consultants are professional and qualified - they are former teachers, speech language pathologists, K-12 Fast ForWord trainers and special education teachers. You and your child will be in great hands with any one of our in-house professional consultants. 


Your personal consultant will help you by:


  • Starting your child at the level that’s just right for him or her

  • Explaining the exercises – why are we doing certain activities? What are we working on?

  • Answering any questions you may have

  • Monitoring progress remotely

  • Reporting back on gains your child has made

  • Helping to come up with creative ways to motivate your child if they get stuck


We can get your child started within 24 hours!



“You have been wonderful… I appreciate all the words of encouragement you have shared with me. Up until this summer I really had been rattled with worry and complete confusion as to how to best help my son. I know he has a tremendous amount of work ahead of him but I have peace in knowing that we (as his parents) have him on the right path. ”

- Jennifer F.

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