Auditory Processing Disorder


Are you constantly repeating instructions for your child? Do you feel that your child “tunes out” or is in a “world of their own”? Is your child falling behind his or her peers academically? These are just a few of the common accounts that we hear from parents of children diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) or Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).


What is APD?

If you place your hand over your mouth while you’re speaking out loud, your words will be muffled and difficult to understand. This is what listening can sound like for a child with APD.  This has obvious implications in the classroom and at home – impacting your child’s ability to comprehend instructions, follow directions, and in learning how to read (the foundation of reading is hearing and identifying the difference in sounds). 


Auditory Processing Disorder can often be confused with behavior problems, adjustment difficulties, and immaturity. Fast ForWord targets these areas directly with strategies, exercises and activities that address processing speed and accuracy.


Common APD behaviors include:


  • Difficulty hearing in background noise

  • Difficulty following directions

  • Poor listening skills

  • Academic difficulties

  • Poor auditory association skills

  • Distractibility

  • Inattentiveness



How does Fast ForWord help with APD?

Fast ForWord was developed 30 years ago when our founders combined new research in neuroplasticity with a unique scientific viewpoint that children who were struggling to learn to read actually had difficulty distinguishing between speech sounds (auditory processing problems). Fast ForWord works by using acoustically modified speech sounds to slow down normal speech in order to train the brain to hear the difference between sounds like "ba" and "da".


This premise makes Fast ForWord vastly different than any other reading intervention available. It was uniquely designed for children with auditory processing disorders and it is very effective in the treatment of APD.

“My son has done the program and it has really helped. He has Auditory Processing Disorder. His reading speed has improved and his comprehension has increased. He was reading in Kinder level and in six months was at a 2nd grade reading level.”

- Facebook Testimonial

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