Autism Spectrum Disorder


Every child deserves a voice. But for most children with autism, using words and language to express themselves is one of the most difficult parts of their day. Along with language difficulties, children on the autism spectrum can show better than average processing in some areas, but significant weaknesses in the processing needed to focus in a classroom, to learn to read, or to comprehend what they’re reading.

There is no better way to understand how Fast ForWord reading intervention improves autism than to hear from a family who is in the midst of using the program. Read this family's journey with Fast ForWord. 

Rethinking Learning Blog - by "Mama Woz"

Within the past decade, neuroscience research has enabled views of the brain at work — functional brain imaging — as well as views of brain pathways. This emerging technology now shows developmental differences in the brain connections of individuals with autism.

To learn more about this research and how to wire the brains of children with autism for language and reading:

New Views into the Science of Educating Children with Autism (PDF).

Fast ForWord to Communication for ASD Kids!

Dr. Martha S. Burns on Autism One Radio.

Dr. Martha Burns, Ph.D., has been a speech language pathologist in the Chicago area for 35 years. She serves on the faculty of Northwestern University, department of communication sciences and disorders, and on the medical staff of Evanston-Northwestern Hospital. Dr. Burns also serves as senior clinical specialist and director of professional relations at Scientific Learning Corporation. Teri and Dr. Burns will discuss how to open up the world of communication to ASD children, discussing Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord Home (formerly known as BrainPro) which combines Fast ForWord® software with individualized education consultant services.


How Does It Work?


Think of it like this: you get where you want more quickly if you're using a well-paved highway instead of pothole surfaced streets, right?








Research shows now that the brains of the children with autism are functioning with brain connections that might resemble a bumpy surface street – the pathways and connections are there, but the route is less efficient and slower than it would be if you were on a highway. Fast ForWord reading intervention helps by rewiring the brain to create superhighways for learning that are shown to be deficient in people on the autism spectrum.

Watch this APRIL 2018 webinar: Autism: New Research and Interventions to learn more about the latest research on how learners with autism can improve language, attention, and social skills.

In a field study of children on the Autism spectrum who used Fast ForWord’s Reading Intervention Program:

improved in their overall expression, including their ability to follow directions and use new vocabulary.



improved their attention skills.

showed marked gains in their social skills.


“Of all the therapies we've invested in for our daughter with autism and other learning disabilities, this one was a worthwhile investment. Our personal consultant was excellent and really helped tailor the programs for my daughter. ”

- Facebook Testimonial

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