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What is a Fast ForWord Provider?


Our Fast ForWord Providers are a close-knit community of innovative, like-minded experts in their fields of study, who are using proven methods to make rapid improvements in language, reading, and learning skills with their clients. Our Fast ForWord Providers are professional and qualified - they are Speech Language Pathologists, Private Tutors, Audiologists, Reading Specialists, Educational Therapists, Special Education Teachers, Interventionists, and Psychologists.


When you become a Fast ForWord Provider, you are not only implementing the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus programs to benefit your clientele and business, but you become part of a community of colleagues who support each other in achieving their client and business goals! 

We are a family of visionaries and we would love for you to be a part of it! Apply below.

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Why did Fast ForWord

Providers become Providers? 


"I want an evidenced-based program."

"Reading practice is not working!"

"I want to expand my business."

"My clients are getting further behind"

"I want to optimize my time with my clients." 

"I want to help my clients reach their goals in less than a year" 

"I want something for my clients to do at home, in-between our weekly sessions."

"I want to increase the frequency of my weekly therapy." 

"I want to run a summer reading camp."

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Certified Fast ForWord Provider!

“I did Fast ForWord with my daughter Halle. She was diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder. She now gets all A's and B's in school. I was very skeptical at first but it was the best investment. She is so happy now, full of confidence and loves learning!”

- Facebook Testimonial

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