The Brain That Changes Itself

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                           Have you read the best-selling book, "The Brain                            That Changes Itself," by renowned psychiatrist                              Dr. Norman Doidge? In his book, Dr. Doidge                                  interviews Dr. Michael Merzenich, co-founder of                            Fast ForWord, about his early discoveries on                                  neuroplasticity that changed the way we view                                neuroscience today. He also delves into the                                    creation of Fast ForWord. If you’ve ever been interested in the history of neuroplasticity and how the brain works this is a fascinating read.

“This book was absolutely fascinating. I have always been intrigued by how the brain works and, even though I am not a "science" person, I found this book easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable.

The book is about the recent notion that the brain is "plastic," or malleable. Our brain has the ability to change - through learning, through experience, through our thoughts… children with learning disorders can strengthen the "weak" parts of their brain. The discoveries and experiments depicted in this book are changing the way we view the brain and will impact the way we live.”


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