Do you have a child who talked late, who’s struggling to read, has a hard time focusing, or doesn’t like reading aloud?


You may have heard from well-meaning pediatricians and educators that you should “wait and see” if school gets easier or if your child's reading and attention skills improve. This may be true for some – but what if it isn’t true for your child?


The harsh reality is that most children who fall behind early in their schooling never catch up. This is where the Fast ForWord® reading intervention works best. It’s designed to make fast and permanent improvements in the areas that keep many learners – boys and girls alike – behind. 


Research shows that certain mental exercises can improve the cognitive processes behind many learning issues. Our reading intervention program was designed with this discovery in mind.


Who does Fast ForWord help?


Fast ForWord helps children, from elementary school, age 5 through middle school, and up to 18 in high school, who struggle with  reading difficulties, auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, speech or language impairment, autism, ADD/ADHD, a learning disability, or who are at risk for falling behind.


Most parents tell us that their child is extremely bright, but something seems to be holding them back. They’re looking for some way to unlock their child’s true potential. Does this sound like you? Scroll down for more information on how Fast ForWord can help your struggling child.

Fast ForWord Helps Children with:

“Emily is really enjoying the new program [Fast ForWord]! She feels that hearing things in class is going better for her, she has commented specifically on math - easier to follow oral directions ”

- Debbie K.

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