Literacy Skills & Your Child

Let’s take a look at two sample sentences from Kindergarten students:

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Who do you predict will be the better reader by 3rd grade? Child A uses higher level vocabulary (frustrated, someone, home), more complex sentence structure (to find someone had…), and is more specific and clear.
There’s abundant research to show that children who enter Kindergarten with more developed language skills (like Child A) learn how to read more easily.
How do differences in language skills impact your child when he/she begins school?


On the graph below we can see the effects that weakness in oral language development has on children learning to read. Over time, small differences in oral language skill of 5 and 6 year olds grow into a significant reading gap by the time a child is in middle school. The weak language foundation manifests into a huge literacy gap.


Reversing the Trend


Here’s the best part: you can heavily influence your child’s language development quickly and efficiently by applying the best research on how the brain learns.

Fast ForWord was designed specifically to improve the underlying language skills that constitute the foundation of learning and reading. Good curriculum, a language rich learning environment and Fast ForWord create an optimal foundation to catch your child up.

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