It’s Time To Catch Up: Intensive Reading Program for Teens

7th grade is a huge turning point for kids in this country. It’s when instruction goes from visual to auditory, and when teachers have less time to spend with individual students. There’s very little support for students who need to hear material repeated, or need more time to process, or just need to see an image to help in the learning process. 

What if your child isn’t a great listener or a strong reader?

Children who have weaknesses in attention, memory, comprehension and literacy skills simply cannot keep up.

And by middle or high school, many are several years behind and are missing key reading skills. What then?


It's critically important to go back to the basics: you must first remediate the underlying processing weaknesses that have been holding him/her back – possibly since Kindergarten - then fill in reading skills that were missed. 

Resources for Teens

What Teens Say

"The best thing that ever happened to me."

“When I finished high school they found out I was at a grade 6 level English. The college principal at my school suggested I go for tutoring, [where they] had the Fast ForWord program…It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I now have a university degree and I thank my parents every day for investing in my wellbeing."

- Facebook comment

“It’s so cool. My teachers stopped talking so fast and I can hear them.”

- Matthew Woodward

"In just a couple of months, my reading level increased about three years, and I just kept going up from there. Fast ForWord gave me that nudge, that push I needed to get up the mountain."

- Willie Brown

The first thing I noticed was that he could sit still for a couple of minutes where he couldn’t before. That was immediately after starting Fast ForWord.

- Karmen Woodward

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