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Fast ForWord's reading intervention has been used by over 3 million children, in 56 countries across the world over the past 20 years! During that time, we've seen children make impressive gains of up to 2 years in as little as 4 months, we've seen kids graduate from high school and go on to college - after their parents and teachers saw them struggle for so long.

All of us here feel so lucky to be a part of this life-changing reading intervention program. Our Fast ForWord Providers are Speech Language Pathologists, Private Tutors, Audiologists, Reading Specialists, Educational Therapists, Special Education Teachers, and Psychologists. But even more than that, they are parents and family members who have witnessed the difference that Fast ForWord truly makes in the lives of our children. Many of them have been in your shoes, watching their kids struggle and seeing them transform as learners after Fast ForWord.

Check out our research and read through some of our favorite success stories here. We can't wait to include your child's success story here!

Meet Amanda Miller, a student athlete at Purdue with dyslexia. Amanda defied the odds to become a Division 1 volleyball player. In the video, her dad says, “She never let what she couldn’t do get in the way of what she could do.” After she used Fast ForWord®, her improvement was “amazing.”

96% of parents surveyed have reported improvement after Fast ForWord in language, reading, general school work and/or cognitive skills.

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