Anaphoric Cueing and Reading Comprehension: Does Fast ForWord Help?

We got a question this week from a parent that I'd never heard before:

Does Fast ForWord help with anaphoric cueing for reading comprehension?

I reached out to Dr. Martha Burns, Adjunct Associate Professor at Northwestern and Director of Neuroscience Education at Scientific Learning, to get a better understanding of what exactly this is and asked whether Fast ForWord directly addressed it. Here was her answer:

Anaphoric cueing involves personal pronoun instruction in some form during reading. In the simplest form, the teacher/therapist reads a phrase in a picture book like “Maria is riding her bike. She loves riding around her neighborhood.”

Teacher: Who is she?

Student: Maria. Teacher: Where is the word “she”? Student --points Teacher: “Good. What is she doing?”

The approach is a similar to conventional speech-language therapy and/or linguistic approaches to teaching pronouns (and other grammatical forms) based on linguistic principles in use for many years.

All of the Fast ForWord series have exercises that emphasize grammatical components of language, including a heavy emphasis on pronouns. Several exercises work on receptive language skills that include comprehending pronouns in oral speech­­­.

The emphasis on pronouns, though, continues through all of the Fast ForWord Reading series for emphasis during literacy training.

In Fast ForWord Reading Levels 2 through 5, higher level use of personal pronouns is emphasized as well, including use and understanding of Wh-pronouns in questions and complex sentence constructions.

Bottom line: Fast ForWord addresses pronoun comprehension thoroughly, which will aid both in receptive language and reading comprehension.

Thanks, Dr. Burns!

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