Does Reading Begin in the Womb?

If you are a mother, your voice is the first sound that your son or daughter started hearing in the womb. Your child’s brain started “wiring” to your voice before he/she was even born. The brain is made to tune in to what’s important, and tune out the rest. This “wiring” to sound is the starting point for all things academic.

  • Without hearing and processing sounds, there is no babbling.

  • Without babbling, there are no words.

  • Without words, no sentences.

You must be able to speak and listen with proficiency to begin to read well; there are no shortcuts.

It’s tempting – and easy – to think that reading is all visual, but we know otherwise. All language and reading starts with sound.

This is why something called “phonemic awareness” is so critically important. For students who struggle with reading, there are often hidden gaps in their phonemic awareness – chunks of missing skills that teachers are not noticing or addressing.

Could there be gaps in your child’s phonemic awareness? If so, Fast ForWord is incredibly powerful at filling those in. Once these gaps are filled, reading progress goes much more quickly - and continues long after your child is done with the Fast ForWord intervention.

What I find particularly interesting is that it’s never too late to fill these gaps in, even for adolescents.

Reading doesn’t have to be so hard; we, as practitioners, just need to be knowledgeable about where the problem begins.

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