It's (not) just a boy thing.

If you have a son who talked a little late, who’s struggling to learn how to read, or who has a hard time focusing, you may have heard: “He’s just being a boy”.

Well-meaning pediatricians and educators may suggest you “wait and see” if school gets easier or if his attention improves. This may be true for some – but what if it isn’t true for your son?

The harsh reality is that most children who fall behind early in their schooling never catch up.

This is where the Fast ForWord® intervention works best. It’s designed to make fast and permanent improvements in the areas that keep many learners – boys and girls alike – behind.

With improved memory, processing speed and attention, a boy named Matthew made 4 years’ improvement and graduated out of special ed. In one year, Fast ForWord helped Tahmiere make 5 years’ improvement in reading.

These were boys who had fallen pretty far behind by the time they were in 5th and 6th grades, but who caught up quickly and will never struggle like they did before. Was Fast ForWord a magic bullet for these boys? No. They still need some extra help. But they are better readers and more confident learners -- their learning trajectory is forever changed.

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