The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Kids - 49 Engaging Ideas for Summer Break

Summer vacation is here! Long, hot days on the beach, by the pool, or just laying around in the air conditioning — however your child is spending their summer, keeping them active, engaged and out of trouble is a top priority for parents! There’s a fine line between keeping kids occupied and overscheduling them (and yourself). Finding that balance can feel impossible!

We've worked with families like yours for more than 20 years and have learned a thing or two about keeping kids actively engaged on summer break. With our history in the educational software industry and first-hand experience with kids in and out of the classroom, we’ve picked up some great tips for helping parents out over summer. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for keeping kids engaged (and learning) during summer vacation…

More Summer Fun Tips for Keeping Kids Productive

  1. Host a carwash

  2. Have them round up old toys to donate

  3. Let them create a photo book or scrapbook

  4. Organize a scavenger hunt

  5. Give back to your community with Kids Do Good

  6. Sign them up for an end of summer race or activity and have them train for it

  7. Set up a bottle rocket competition with neighbors or friends

  8. Assign a different state, country or other specific geographic location for your child to research each week and have them present something to the family. It could be food, song, fact, etc.

  9. Go on a bike ride

  10. Go on a hike

  11. Make giant bubbles with glycerine

  12. Have your kids invent a new game

  13. Visit somewhere in your town you’ve never been before, make a checklist and work your way through it all summer

  14. Teach your child your favorite childhood game

  15. Have your child become a National Park Jr. Ranger

  16. Introduce your child to a new form of transportation (bus, subway, bike, scooter, kayak, etc.)

  17. Have your child create a jingle for some of their favorite toys

  18. Have them rewrite the words to their favorite show’s theme song

  19. Log your child’s reading minutes through Scholastic's Read-a-Palooza

  20. Have them create art for an at-home art show

  21. Introduce them to geocaching

  22. Enter the Ranger Rick Photo Contest

  23. Encourage them to become pen pals with a friend from school

  24. Organize a lemonade stand

  25. Go camping (even if it’s just in your own backyard)

  26. Create art in public spaces with sidewalk chalk (you may want to check in with your community government on where to do this)

  27. Let them cook dinner (with your help, of course)

  28. Make the library a weekly stop

  29. Build a LEGO village, or download free Mini Builds

  30. Go rollerskating (it could be free!)

  31. Have your child write a short story or create a family newsletter

  32. Buy some science experiment kits

  33. Find a kit and let them build a birdhouse, toy chest, etc.

  34. Decide on new summer chores (washing the car, setting the table, mowing the lawn)

  35. Go to a baseball game

  36. Put on your bowling shoes (kids bowl free at many area bowling alleys!)

  37. Take trips to see how things are made (candy store, pottery studio, newspaper)

  38. Visit local public safety offices (police station, firehouse, EMTs, etc.) and say thank you!

  39. Look into saving and investment learning resources for kids through your bank

  40. Plan a family picnic

  41. Check out the kids' workshops at your local Home Depot

  42. Set up weekly calls/visits with elderly family members or neighbors

  43. Set up a safe space for your child to start blogging

  44. Let them create an obstacle course with things they find around the house/yard

  45. Buy a journal or notebook where they can record things they see or learn every day

  46. Make homemade ice cream (don’t forget the toppings!)

  47. Explore the options for creating a Little Free Library in your neighborhood

  48. Explore a new park

Keeping kids busy and productive through the summer can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! As you plan ahead this summer, it is important to keep your child learning and engaged to prevent summer brain drain. It’s also a chance for you to reconnect as a family and enjoy some quality time together! Commit to helping your child have fun this summer by focusing on the lessons that really matter — from improving their focus and attention or reading and vocabulary skills to getting more involved in the community and finding new ways to stay active. This summer is going to be over before you know it, so make the most of it

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