Running Out of Summer? Now’s the Time to Prep for Back-to-School!

Outdoor toys, flip flops, and swimsuits are being replaced by back to school supplies at the store, which means summer is fading fast and the new school year will be here before we know it! Where did the time go?! Whether you’re ready for the schedule, routine, and structure of the school year or you’re rushing to get a few more summer getaways planned and memories made, this can be a stressful time of year for parents! With meet the teacher events and back-to-school parent meetings coming soon, you may also be worrying that you didn’t do enough to get your child caught up or prepared for the coming school year. Is their brain ready for all the new school year has in store? Don’t let your worries stop you from getting started now! There’s still time to prep your child for heading back to school. Here are some tips, ideas, and inspiration to get you started!

Get Organized - Create a space and place for everything as you get ready for the fall! From a homework corner that’s free of toys and distractions to a freshly-stocked art space full of supplies, giving your child an organized, efficient space at home will help get them ready for school! Take this opportunity to prep a command center for the family as well. With all of the school materials and information you’ll be getting in the next few weeks, now is a great time to stock up on the calendars, folders, office supplies, and other organizational necessities you’ll need to stay on top of your game this school year!

Up the Educational Opportunities - If your child has been using their screen time to zone out this summer, spending hours back in a classroom can come as a shock. Use the next few weeks to start easing your child back into an educational mindset. Enforce more educational screen time use, encourage them to read, provide them with workbooks or other resources that feel a bit more school-like. Simply encouraging him or her to play quietly for a stretch at a time can help prepare your child for the structure and routines they’ll be falling into during the school year.

Get Back Into a Routine - Long summer nights are the perfect excuse to stay up late and sleep in! Getting back into a normal sleep routine early will help cut down on the stress of back to school mornings and keep your child healthy and alert throughout the day! While you’re working on a sleep routine, try to incorporate other routines as well. Shift your meal times to fit into your school schedule, spend time every night working on quiet activities that will mimic homework time, etc.! The final weeks of summer is also a great time to establish family time, such as working a game or movie night into your week. Once the craziness of the school year hits, you’ll be glad to have some time together already planned and established!

Make an Appointment for a Checkup - Beyond your school district’s requirements for physicals or sports check-ups, the end of summer is a great time to schedule a doctor’s appointment for your child! An annual checkup is a great time to follow up on classroom accommodations and medication waivers your child may need and to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s development with their doctor. From attention issues to reading difficulties to learning disabilities, if you feel there is anything holding your child back from their true potential, talk to your pediatrician and advocate for the right referrals and evaluations!

Provide the Right Tools - Summer break is the perfect time to bring home educational resources for your child to practice and get used to over vacation. Though the school year is coming up quickly, there is still time to implement the tools your child needs to catch up before class starts. Many parents have seen impressive results from our at-home reading intervention software. As you’re restructuring your child’s routine in preparation for the new school year, now is the perfect time to introduce Fast ForWord Home for just 30 minutes a day! Your personal education consultant will be monitoring results and helping you understand your child’s progress every step of the way.

Read Together - It doesn’t matter how old your child is, reading together can be a huge benefit to them! When kids are young, reading to them or having them read to you is so important to their educational foundation. As they get older, make sure they see you making time to read — and enjoying it. Grab a newspaper and swap sections, make a stop at the library to check out the recent best-sellers, or grab two copies of the same book and start an at-home book club!

Start Meal Prepping - From on-the-go breakfasts to healthy snacks to tasty dinner options, work together to start meal prepping! Take your child grocery shopping and plan out meals that are easy, healthy, and delicious. Getting into this habit over the summer is a great way to make the transition to the school year a little easier. Plus, you can take advantage of your local farmer’s markets and summer produce while you get started!

Shop for School Supplies Together - Once you have your school supply list, make the time to go shopping with your child! This is a fun way to spend time talking about the upcoming school year with your son or daughter, give them some responsibility and independence when choosing supplies, and get them excited for the year to come!

Plan a Party - Connecting with friends and classmates your child hasn’t seen for a while can help make the transition back to school a bit easier! Plan a day where you can tour your child’s classroom and meet the teacher for younger kids, or review your child’s schedule and talk through what to expect with older kids, then celebrate with a party! Invite your child’s classmates and let the kids reconnect! This will also help them understand who they’ll see in class, on the playground, or around the school for fewer surprises on the first day!

As you prepare for another school year, now is the perfect time to really assess how ready your child is for success. The more you can do to help your child get caught up and well-equipped for the next school year, the better. Make the most of these final weeks of summer by making great memories and providing your child with what they need to feel confident, prepared and ready for everything coming their way!

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