Early Intervention Can Make a Positive, Lasting Impact On Your Child’s Life

If you had to guess, which do you think would have a bigger impact on a child’s future earning potential:

  • IQ deficits

  • family adversities

  • early hyperactivity and the inability to pay attention

A 30-year study published by the Journal of American Medicine earlier this year reports that: “young boys who display disruptive behavior and have trouble paying attention in kindergarten earn an average of $1,295 less per year in their mid-30s than those who display more positive social behavior.” One of the key takeaways of the study? “Preventive interventions targeting children’s inattention and/or limited prosocial behavior could have positive impacts on future employment earnings.”

Identifying and addressing attention issues early can make a lasting difference for your child, not just when it comes to their future earning potential, but also their personal relationships, self-esteem and overall happiness. There’s a lot you can do to help improve your child’s attentional skills. From mindfulness exercises to building listening skills to using technology, we’ve covered a lot of ideas and tips on our blog! For parents ready to take the next step and address the root causes of your child’s issues, Fast ForWord was developed for you.

What is Fast ForWord?

It’s a research-based reading intervention software that looks like a game. It can help students from elementary to high school pay attention longer, process information faster, and comprehend what they're reading in just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Fast ForWord was developed in a university lab decades ago and targets learning struggles at their core, starting with the brain.

Who Does It Help?

Fast ForWord has been proven by extensive research to help children with auditory processing disorder (APD), reading difficulties, dyslexia, autism, attention deficits (ADD &ADHD), language difficulties or delays, and other learning disabilities by working on the following skills:

  • Processing rate

  • Attention

  • Recall and memory

  • Sequencing

  • Reading and literacy skills

  • Vocabulary and grammar

What Are the Long-Term Benefits?

Many children who have trouble focusing and paying attention don't process information efficiently. Fast ForWord’s reading intervention program builds a child’s processing rate, both the speed and accuracy with which they process information, which in turn improves attention.

By addressing the root causes of a child’s attentional or reading difficulties, parents report improvements in reading, self-esteem, confidence, and in other academic areas as well. Children are able to pay attention longer, follow multi-step directions, read better, and understand more. The study cited earlier notes that: “Interventions beginning in kindergarten that target boys’ inattention and enhance prosociality could positively impact workforce integration and earnings.” Fast ForWord provides parents and educators with the tools, support, and guidance needed to provide effective — and fun — intervention to students!

Tell Me More About the Research…

Of course! Thirty years ago, four research scientists came together to apply their areas of expertise to the revolutionary product we now know as the Fast ForWord reading intervention program. Fast ForWord is one of the most researched reading interventions available. There have been over 250 research studies done on our program, from researchers at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Rutgers, Cornell, and more. For a comprehensive list of the 30+ years of multilevel research, please visit our corporate website.

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