Reading & Cognitive Skills Developed by the Fast ForWord Exercises 


The beauty of Fast ForWord is precisely its ability to work the auditory pathways in proprietary, patented ways - ways designed by neuroscientists to make optimal brain change. Why does this matter? Because more than 30 years of research shows that weak auditory processing is at the core of most language and reading struggles. Along with auditory processing, the Fast ForWord strategies and activities cover a wide range of reading and cognitive skills.



Fast ForWord works on the following skills:

Processing Rate refers to both the speed and accuracy with which the brain processes information. This is important because all literacy development -- from learning to talk to learning to read to writing proficiently -- is dependent on your child’s ability to process sounds and words quickly.


Attention is the ability to focus and pay careful attention to details. Teachers may use the term "poor listening skills" if your child is having trouble attending and following directions.


Recall & Memory is the ability to retrieve information from long term memory. "Working memory" is holding information in the short term, which is necessary for your child to complete tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehending.

Sequencing is the ability to place information in the correct order such as days of the week. This is important for your child to process and comprehend information.


Reading and Literacy Skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, and auditory discrimination of sounds and sound sequencing are important foundational skills your child needs to successfully read – which is the basis of all academic learning.


Vocabulary and Grammar refer to understanding the meaning of words and the rules for written and oral language. This is important for your child since it’s much easier to read fluently when they understand the words and structure.


All of these skills work together to improve not only your child’s reading, but overall knowledge in a variety of subject matters. Many times, this will in turn improve your child’s self-esteem when they are able to answer questions correctly in class and follow along with their peers.

"My child with auditory processing issues absolutely thrived under it and is in all pre-AP classes in Middle School. It's amazing."


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