96% of parents surveyed have reported improvement after Fast ForWord in language, reading, general school work and/or cognitive skills.

What are parents saying about the Fast ForWord reading intervention program?

Sophie and her friend Julie are going through books in Sophie's bedroom. Julie is reading the Magic Treehouse Books in school, and (with a little help from Julie) Sophie read a couple pages from one of the books. Sophie BOUNCED into the living room: MOM!!! I read two pages from THIS BOOK!!! (Bouncing away down the hall) I can read - I can read - I can fly - I can fly - like a bird in the sky - I CAN REEEEAAAD!!!! Pretty fantastic!

Testimonial by Bethany C.

on her daughter's improved reading skills

He is one of the only special education students that manages to get an AR award for his reading abilities at the end of the school year. If there would be any ONE program I would advocate for it would be Fast ForWord. The benefits of the program are truly amazing but through parents' eyes of being able to visibly see and hear the results are outstanding.

Facebook Testimonial

Parent advocate for Fast ForWord

I have shared the following feedback with [our consultant], as we started our school year on August 17th. Jacob is in 5th grade now,


1. Jacob's handwriting has improved substantially. 

2. Jacob is doing great with reading, reading comprehension - he is passing all of his tests with high scores.

3. He is doing all of his classes without me reading to him. For example, he is doing science 100% on his own. I no longer have to read the text to him. He not only reads the text on his own, but he is able to answer questions about the passage with no issues.

4. He is doing math 100% on his own and continuing to excel. He has always done extremely well on math, but he used to need my help with comprehending the questions (i.e. word problems). 


I can only give credit to the program for helping him to get to this point. (Well - Jacob deserves some credit too for sticking with it and trying really hard.) This last round of modules or games has been very challenging, but Jacob is growing and learning and excelling. We are so grateful and have shared this with others. I would highly recommend this program!!

Testimonial by Katie O.

on her son's improved handwriting, reading & comprehension

My son is 11 with high functioning autism and also has dyslexia, APD, and dysgraphia. He has finished one segment and the results are great! He is able to sound out words better, spell better and work with more focus. Its expensive but worth it. I want to do another segment with him.

Facebook Testimonial

by a parent seeing improved phonics, spelling & focus

My 15 year old did Fast ForWord in grade school, because of dyslexia. Helped her grades improve and believe that it continues to help now! Awesome program!

Facebook Testimonial

by a parent still seeing results in high school

I wanted to share with you that all of a sudden I am seeing the fruits of Sarah's hard work using Fast Forward.  All of a sudden this week I feel like Sarah's brain just changed.  She is reading at such a better speed and is reading so much smoother.  Words are sticking.  We have started doing multiplication facts and she is remembering.  Also, her hand writing is better - smoother letter formation.  She is also able to copy better and is thinking on her own with her homework instead of relying on me.  She is remembering sooo much better in all areas of her life.  I feel like Sarah is becoming her she truly is, like gates in her brain are opening up to let what is in it come out correctly.   I am so excited.  Fast Forward truly works!!

Teresa's Testimonial

on her daughter's improved literacy & math skills

The thing I've noticed is she has been more inquisitive about vocabulary words. She's constantly asking me what words mean, larger words like contemplate and distribute. She is also more in tune conversationally. She picks up on what I'm saying more and more.

Testimonial by Jeanne H.

on her 10 year old daughter's vocabulary & conversational skills

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