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Take a look at the videos below to see parent testimonials, Fast ForWord reading intervention demos, in the news, and more.

Meet Lisa and Cory: A Speech Therapist and a Young Man with a Heart to Serve

Cory was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and started working with Lisa at Wings Speech.
Look how far he's come!



Angie’s Tears After 6 Weeks of Fast ForWord

She has a 12-year-old son with autism.

“When Dante was little…he was non-verbal. At that point, as a parent, you're kind of desperate.” After 6 weeks of Fast ForWord, she’s seeing marked improvements. “That heartbreak that you had in the very beginning, it’s wiped away when you see such success.”

Monicia's Amazement After 5 Weeks of Fast ForWord

She has a 9-year-old son with autism.

Monicia’s son was non-verbal and diagnosed as severe on the autism spectrum at 3 years old. Though she was scared, she told herself, “I’m not going to let this happen. He needs to be able to function.” She says, “He started Fast ForWord about five weeks ago. I am so amazed with him right now. It's like oh my goodness…I have [more] hope than what I had before."



Summer Learning with
Auditory Processing Disorder

"You’d be amazed at what can happen." Manuel and Carol share their advice about summer learning when you have a child with APD, and how Fast ForWord is helping their twin boys: "They're doing things beyond what I had expected for them."



Angie Sees Immediate Improvement in Her Son with Auditory Processing Disorder/ADD

She didn’t know that her son had APD until recently – and that’s when the lightbulb went off: he wasn’t being “lazy” or defiant. He simply wasn’t processing all that his mom was saying. He started Fast ForWord just 6 weeks ago. 


When this doesn't work...

You did everything right. What went wrong?



Inside the Brain of a Struggling Reader

You can't see inside... 



Fast ForWord Overview Video

Watch this video to understand the science behind Fast ForWord, and why it's so effective at helping children learn to read.

Amber Hall, Parent Testimonial

Hear about how Fast ForWord helped two of Amber's children. It helped her gifted son, in 5th grade, who had a hard time focusing. It helped her daughter slow down and decreased frustration.

Fast ForWord in the News

See Fast ForWord in action at Bridges Academy in Winter Springs, FL.

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