What is Fast ForWord?


Most reading programs, including tutoring, work around the underlying weaknesses that cause your child’s reading difficulty.


  • Fast ForWord is an online language and reading intervention software that targets learning struggles at their core, starting in the brain.

  • Your child will complete a variety of auditory processing, attention, and memory exercises that look like reading or pre-reading games.

  • After a few weeks, 96% of parents report their child is reading better, understanding more, is more focused, completing homework more easily, or has improved in several of these areas simultaneously.      


What is a Fast ForWord Provider?

A Fast ForWord Provider is a professional who is authorized to provide Fast ForWord to families and to support the entire implementation process.  One of the reasons behind the success of Fast ForWord is that it appropriately challenges the learner.  Most children will struggle at some point on the Fast ForWord program, this means we have found the area of need and this is why it is so important that you work collaboratively with a highly trained Fast ForWord Provider who will communicate progress, help with any special areas of need, and keep you and your child motivated to get fast results. Your personal Fast ForWord Provider will be a mentor who will share in your child's language and reading struggles and celebrate their successes with you.  Put their years of experience to work for you!


Who is it for?


Elementary school children, starting at age 5, through middle school, all the way up to high school (we even work with adult learners!) with:

  • reading difficulties

  • auditory processing disorder (APD)

  • speech or language impairment

  • mild to moderate autism

  • dyslexia


  • a learning disability, or

  • children who are struggling at school yet may not qualify for extra help


Most parents tell us that their child is extremely bright, but something seems to be holding them back. They’re looking for some way to unlock their child’s true learning potential in the classroom setting. Does this sound like you?

Is your child below grade level in reading? Learn about the science behind Fast ForWord and how it rewires the brain to help struggling readers.

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Learn more about the
Fast ForWord products.


Our new FOUNDATIONS and LITERACY products build foundational reading and language skills to help your child become a successful reader and learner.


Foundations Series is for children in elementary school.

Literacy Series is for pre-teens and teenagers in middle school and high school.



Our READING products increase processing efficiency and build critical reading skills in children, from kindergarten through high school.

A Fast ForWord Provider will start your child off on the product and level that is just right for his or her skillset, and the program will adapt to your child's responses.

It starts with the brain. That's why it works.


Look at these fMRI scans that show the brains of proficient readers and struggling readers. See the difference? One has more concentrated activity in certain areas. Fast ForWord works to uniquely target the area of the brain that is specific for reading. Interested in finding out more about how Fast ForWord can help your child?

“We are all excited with his progression and are so grateful for this program. His brain is ready and he is absorbing like crazy…..can’t tell you how happy this makes me….it has been a long road.”

- Lynn H. about her 15 year old son in his 7th week of LITERACY series

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