What is the Reading Assistant Plus Read Aloud Program?


Reading Assistant Plus is a guided oral reading instruction program that uses speech recognition technology to listen to your child as he/she reads aloud, building overall reading proficiency, fluency, and comprehension — without any frustration!


How does Reading Assistant Plus help?


  • Reduces the homework struggle: Many learners use Reading Assistant Plus to complete their school’s daily reading requirement, which drastically reduces the homework struggle for parents!

  • Improves reading fluency and comprehension: Your child can improve his/her reading level 50% beyond expected gains. 

  • Provides an unbiased listener to reluctant readers: Sometimes struggling readers don’t like to have their parent or teacher listen to them, but Reading Assistant Plus provides a fun way to practice reading aloud, with no judgment! 


What does it include?

  • Vocabulary instruction ​and reading comprehension practice activities

  • Selections from more than 300 reading passages at a range of reading levels,  from grades 1-12

  • Non-fiction and fictional texts across genres:

    • Expository nonfiction

    • Realistic and historical fiction

    • Science fiction

    • Poetry

    • Folktale, myth, legend

    • Biography

    • Point-counterpoint

    • Personal Narrative

    • And more!

What is reading fluency?

A struggling reader spends a lot of energy sounding out words, leaving not much room for comprehension. Your child needs to decode fluently to understand what he/she is reading, but often doesn’t build this automaticity through independent reading alone. 

  • Fluency is the ability to read accurately, expressively and with good phrasing in order to comprehend what you read.

  • It’s not about reading fast. 

  • “Guided oral reading instruction” (where a listener is helping and correcting in real-time) is the gold standard for building fluency; this is what Reading Assistant Plus provides.


Who is it for?

Children ages 6+ who have used or are currently using Fast ForWord Home reading intervention.

How do I get started?

The read aloud program can be used through a web browser, and must be used with an approved microphone headset.  

Contact your Fast ForWord Home Representative to get started! 


See How Reading Assistant Plus Works!

Sample Reading Selections


Learn more about

Reading Assistant Plus

Step 1: Read to me + Word Wall
In this step, your child answers "think about it" questions, practices new vocabulary words aloud in the Word Wall, and hears the passage read aloud.
Step 2: Read aloud
In step 2, students read  aloud, the computer listens, and they record themselves.
Step 3: Take a quiz and see results!
In step 3, your child answers comprehension questions and sees how well they did!

You can use Reading Assistant Plus anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection! 

Have Questions? Get a free consultation

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“My daughter and I are so very excited about this reading program. She can finally do her reading without me hovering over her. The independence is giving her some confidence. Thank you for the peace you have brought to our home!”

- Cathy D., parent

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