4 months

Time left until spring testing.


The amount of extra practice struggling readers need to catch up. 

1+ year

40% of struggling readers go more than a year without help. Let's not wait any longer.

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As low as $269/month
How would you like your child to live in the magical “zone” of easy learning?


...where everything flows easily – where school and reading seem easy and fun?


This may be more possible for your child than you think. And luckily, there's still enough time in the school year to see results from the intervention that can make this possible. 

Fast ForWord is not a silver bullet, but it has helped countless children find new self-esteem, ease, and even happiness (!) with reading. "Something isn't clicking, but my child is so smart," is what we hear most often from parents, and many are amazed at the results they see in a short time. 

The first report cards and benchmark testing results are out. If your child isn't doing as well as you'd like, if homework is becoming a struggle, or if there is anxiety or tears when it comes to schoolwork, it may be time to try a new intervention. 

Why Fast ForWord? 

  • You’re targeting the root causes of your son/daughter’s reading struggle, once and for all. There are several different ways to address language and reading issues - but Fast ForWord is the only program that addresses processing speed, memory and attention span along with the language and reading skills. This cross-training approach leads to foundational changes in learning.  

  • It fills in gaps, builds reading skills, and works fast. Fast ForWord provides more intensive, concentrated practice on language and reading exercises than any other approach or intervention - which is why it works so fast. 

  • You get peace of mind. Rest assured: you’re using a program that works – it has 20+ years of efficacy and has been substantiated by research at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Rutgers and more.

  • You use it at home.  No appointments or driving. A supportive, dedicated educational consultant helps you and your child get the best results from this unique program!


​How It Works


  • Ensure your child is in a quiet environment, 30 minutes a day, any 5 days of the week.

  • He/she will complete the exercises and a dedicated learning coach will share with you how your child is progressing, keeping everyone motivated along the way.


We have a brand-new 3-step model for faster results with flexible pricing, monthly options and discounts of $50-$150 when you pay in advance. Special pricing ends December 20, 2018!

Complete the pricing request form and we'll be in touch ASAP.  We can get you started within 24 hours. 


Within a few weeks, parents report:
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence about school and learning

  • More interest in reading – on their own!

  • Improved social skills – engaging with peers and family members with more 2-way conversation

  • More independence – parents see less need to repeat instructions to their child, or to help their child with tasks (even homework during the school year!)

Why are Thanksgiving or Winter break the ideal time to use the program?


  • It's best to get started when there are minimal outside distractions.

  • The school year is half over:  You may see improvement before spring state testing, and before the end of the year report cards.

  • Get real results, fast. Use Fast ForWord 30 minutes per day (or more!), 5 days a week to see progress in a short period of time.


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